Corporat Customers

Corporat Customers


The iLawyer law firm (hereinafter referred to as the Office) offers corporate clients current legal services.

Depending on the size of the service or the number of customers, we offer our customers different monthly tariff tariffs for current legal services. Ongoing services include providing written and oral advice, as well as representing customer interests in relations with state and local self-government bodies (real estate cadastre, tax and customs bodies, etc.).

– Written consultations include drafting opinions, conclusions, orders, general meeting decisions, internal disciplinary rules, documents required for reorganization and other written documents (except for procedural documents).
– Verbal advice includes the disclosure of opinions and conclusions on any legal issue, negotiation on the conclusion of transactions.

When providing the current legal service, the following services may include the following:

  • an accelerated electronic mode of answering questions and answering questions, which enables the customer to respond quickly to the written question electronically.
  • We answer customer’s questions by telephone.
  • We participate in negotiations related to dealings or disputes
  • We participate in checks conducted by customers.
  • making internal and individual legal acts of companies.
  • compiling, amending, supplementing and resolving civil law contracts.
  • copyright protection, registration of trademarks and service marks, registration and protection of intellectual property objects.
  • the establishment and reorganization of legal entities, as well as the formation of constituent documents and their amendments and state registry processes.
  • Preparation and process of preparation of package of other legal documents, administrative applications and appeals, inquiries and appeals, inquiries, references and letters, licenses, permits, licenses, certificates and other documents.
  • Representation in courts of first instance, appellate and cassation courts, as well as for compulsory enforcement service, state bodies, local self-governing bodies and organizations,

If necessary, treaties and other documents, in addition to Armenian, will also be made in Russian, English, German, French and other languages, with the assurance of professional terminology accuracy. We offer affordable prices and flexible payment mechanisms that are discussed in detail for each customer individually.