Irina Hakobyan

Irina Hakobyan
iLawyer Partner
Founder-Director. License for advocacy N 831
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Practice Areas

Depending on the size of the service or the number of customers, we offer our customers different monthly tariff tariffs for current legal services. Ongoing services include providing written and oral advice, as well as representing customer interests in relations with state and local self-government bodies (real estate cadastre, tax and customs bodies, etc.).

This service contract is concluded for at least one year and enables the individual to receive legal assistance throughout the year.

According to a particular case, the service contract is concluded in a specific case in which case the complexity, volume, possible time spent, and other essential circumstances are considered.

In the case of paid work, the amount of the royalties for an hour is AMD 40,000 including all types of taxes.

Legal aid services in public procurement include:

  • Preparation of Tender Bids:
  • Presentation of the interests of the participant at the competitive commission meetings
  • Preparation of Complaints on Competition Results
  • Presentation of interests of the participant in the Appeal Board and all judicial instances.

Legal assistance services in criminal matters include: criminal prosecution in pre-trial proceedings (criminal prosecution stage, investigation, preliminary investigation), defense at first instance, appellate and cassation courts, legal assistance in the verdict, appeal, cassation appeals, compilation of complaints to the European Court, providing witnesses and victims with legal assistance in criminal matters, legal assistance apartyalnerin serving the sentence.

Education And Trainings



secondary education at the school # 172 in Yerevan


higher education of lawyer-legist at Yerevan MYUD Legal Concern Institute of Law# 172 in Yerevan


lawyer at the Metropolitan Trade Center Closed Joint-Stock Company


lawyer at the Legal Department of Administrative Apparatus of Yerevan Metro after Karen Demirchyan CJSC


appointed as the coordinator of the procurement process of the company by the order of the Director of Yerevan Metro after Karen Demirchyan CJSC. In 2013 she got a license for a qualified procurement specialist


included in the committee for the implementation of works within the framework of Yerevan Metro Reconstruction and Development Program, financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) as a lawyer-member
August 23, 2008


participated in the attorney's qualification examinations and received a certificate in accordance with the procedure set by the Chamber of Advocates
October 14, 2008


received a license for advocacy N 831 and is currently a member of the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia
Since 2008


operating attorney activities in civil, administrative and criminal cases


founded Hiyalex law firm and worked as a Founder-Director
October 2018


founded iLawyer Law Firm and has been working as a founder-director since thenr